Benefits of Membership

Emerald Coast Pagan CommUnity Benefits of Membership


1. Topic of the Week - We discuss many interesting topics in a safe, private environment.
2. Event Information - Some of our events are limited to official members of Emerald Coast Pagan CommUnity (E.C.P.C.).
3. Facilitation Opportunities - Our official members are eligible to volunteer to facilitate an Event, Esbat, or Sabbat.
4. Membership Services - Services offered by the Emerald Coast Pagan CommUnity to provide aid and support to our members and their families.
*NOTE* Must be a member of the Emerald Coast Pagan CommUnity page for a minimum of 3 months to be eligible for CommUnity services.
(a) Pagan Pantry - A Nonperishable Food Bank set up for our CommUnity members and their families, funded by CommUnity donations.
(b) CommUnity Outreach - Pagan CommUnity support of outreach services and volunteering with the greater municipal community and many special featured projects throughout the year.
(c) Member In Need - Offering various aid to members during home life altering events.
(d) Food Brigade - Our CommUnity will rally together to provide hot meals to families in weekly increments during home life altering events.


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